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VATA, a Canadian Telugu Community aimed to bring in the social, cultural & traditional values and virtues to commute among the Telugu people in Canada and worldwide.

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VATA reserves the right to verify the information provided by seeking additional identity documentation. In accordance with and without limitation to VATA bylaws, If VATA determines, in its sole discretion, that any individual on this application no longer subscribes to the objectives of VATA or that false or misleading information was provided, VATA may reject this application or cancel the membership

About Us

Vancouver Area Telugu Association (VATA) is the first registered association of Telugu people in British Columbia, Canada. VATA was founded to represent all Telugu speaking people living in Greater Vancouver Area and contribute to the multicultural ethos of Canada.


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Let’s uplift VATA to preserve the rich Telugu culture across the Canadian Telugu Community for upcoming future generations in Canada by participating and voluntarily donating for the VATA.